Abu Dhabi Department of Transport AMS Organisation Assessment

Project description

Location: Abu Dhabi

 In 2006, Pavement Management Services (PMS) was commissioned by the Department of Municipal Affairs, Abu Dhabi Municipality, to develop and implement an Asset Management System (AMS) for the whole of the Abu Dhabi Emirate. The objectives for the wider project encompassed:

  •  Developing a system for Abu Dhabi to assist Planning, Programming, Selection and Supervision of all Road Asset Maintenance & Rehabilitation requirements;

  •  Ensuring that the system optimised the use of Public funds;

  •  Preserving the road network asset at an acceptable level of serviceability; and

  •  Providing training and facilitating knowledge transfer.

The intent of the assessment was to identify a preferred organisation structure to support the implementation and ongoing sustainable management of the recommended AMS system. The assessment drew on lessons learnt in other jurisdictions, collating a wide range of relevant experience possessed and accessed by the study team.