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Bid Management and Independent Review Services

Independent Project “Health Checks”

Due Diligence Reviews

Business Cases / Feasibility Studies

Asset Management Assessments

Project Mobilisation, Implementation & Management

Company Profile

SamWilko Advisory works with SMEs, Mid-Tier, Corporate business and Government in the Transport, Construction and Consulting services sectors. We specialise in Infrastructure, Fleet and Operations services in Passenger and Freight Rail, Roads and Marine. We identify and build capabilities that enable businesses to innovate and make step-changes in performance.


Peter Wilkinson founded SamWilko Advisory in 2012 to address capability gaps in Infrastructure Engineering and Construction that stifle change and impair industry performance. With experience spanning private sector contractors, the public sector and consulting, Peter has seen many innovative solutions to complex client challenges fail to translate to great bids. Moreover, a great deal of winning project bids have struggled to effectively transition to the delivery phase, and many good Engineering & Construction SMEs have failed to navigate the “tipping point” to become great businesses. The opportunity cost of all of this translates to hundreds of millions of dollars, damaged professional careers and distracted lives.

SamWilko Advisory makes a difference through specialist Leadership (the WHY), Advisory (the WHAT) and Coaching (the HOW). Peter relies on more than 30 years’ experience in enabling entrepreneurs, leaders and senior executives to transform business capability in bid management, project transition and in business execution.

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SamWilko Advisory offers Business Coaching/Consulting Services as a Licencee of Encite Australia.

We also offer Tender Management and Advisory Services in association with Knowledge Core.

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