“The Australian Rail Manufacturing sector comprises 330 firms employing 15,000 with annual revenue of $44Bn.”


– ACIL Tasman Railway Manufacturing Industry in Australia 2011

“The NSW Government has set a new vision for the 'hub and spoke' model, designed to provide equitable, better and more efficient services to communities across the state through a connected network of regional centres. Over the next 20 years the trend of internal migration to larger, growing regional centres will continue and is likely to accelerate.”

  Infrastructure NSW State Infrastructure Strategy, 2018 

“Congested roads cost Australia $15 billion annually through time wasted in traffic, delays and disruption to businesses, associated health problems and accidents”

– Australasian Rail Association

“Australia’s construction costs rose rapidly and notably compared to other costs in the past decade. The persistence of higher costs – particularly wages – in the face of waning demand, will act as a barrier to infrastructure and resources projects in the pipeline going ahead.”

Deloitte Access Economics for the Australian Constructors Association,
March 2014

“Following years of underinvestment, Australia’s infrastructure backlog is reportedly between $300 billion and $800 billion. Australian governments cannot rely on general Government funds for this investment. Innovative approaches must be implemented if Australia is to meet the infrastructure needs for future generations.”

 – Australasian Railway Association

“Engineering consultancies have a “boom or bust” model and should invest in innovative services such as strategic business advice aimed at adapting business models to rapidly changing environments and circumstances so as to dampen the external shocks that inevitably occur.”

  – SamWilko Advisory Blog, referencing Mark Brownley 
            article “Consulting Engineering Needs New Business Model”

Sam Wilko Business Advisory  transforms major bid

and project people into high performance teams

Connected Advisory

Blended business advisory and consulting services that are way beyond a familial chat. Specific industry expertise and connections as well as effective coaching IP and techniques are bought to bear in delivering value adding services. Delivering a comprehensive solution that empowers your business.

Knowledge Enablement

A breadth and depth of knowledge based on 30 years in the industry, creating tangible opportunities that lead to business success.

Expertise Environment

Creating an environment centred on what clients need to achieve your business aspirations.

Industry Statistics


Per annum cost of congested roads to Australia ($Bn)


The Australian Rail Manufacturing sector annual revenue ($Bn)


Australia's Infrastructure Backlog ($Bn)


Boom or Busted in Australia?

Our Vision

Redefining how business is accomplished in the industry

SamWilko Business Advisory is about redefining how business is accomplished in Engineering and Construction. It is about applying knowledge and expertise to assist companies who are seeking to maximise their capabilities in servicing their clients in this industry. It is about being proactive in applying knowledge and experience in enlightening and delighting our clients with deep understanding and unique insights into what they do, why they are doing it and more effective ways of achieving desired outcomes.

Understanding the process of managing business profitability and increasing value

It is about understanding the process, the knowledge of what is available, getting in touch with your business at a core level and bringing an understanding of what works well and what does not. It is about practicality and pragmatism; making the business journey more manageable, profitable and valuable.

Creating an environment that enhances client experience

SamWilko Business Advisory engenders an environment that creates and builds authentic business knowledge in the industry. We enhance the experience of our clients by enabling them to stay connected, informed and abreast of the industry trends that shape businesses.

Building strong relationships

SamWilko Business Advisory builds connections with our clients that allow us to create strong relationships. It is about supporting and developing these relationships in Engineering and Construction that are critical for long term business success in this industry.

Engendering aspiration and inspiration

SamWilko Business Advisory engenders aspiration and inspiration in businesses as an outcome of the activities that are undertaken. We create true, empowered businesses that feel energized, excited and more complete.

Do You Need Help? 

Our Services

Bid and Project Services

SamWilko Business Advisory works with Corporate and Government enterprises in Infrastructure, Fleet and Operations services for Passenger and Freight Rail, Roads and Marine. We identify and build capabilities that enable businesses to innovate and make sustainable improvements in performance. Our services span:

  • Bid management and Independent Review services
  • Project mobilisation, implementation and management
  • Independent project “Health Checks”
  • Due Diligence Reviews
  • Business Case / Feasibility studies
  • Asset Management assessments

Strategy Advisory

SamWilko Business Advisory enables projects to get back on track and get winning major bid submissions in the tender box on time.

Peter has recently worked with Downer Group, Keolis Downer, Capella Capital, Acciona, Alstom, Transdev, Laing O’Rourke, GHD and Aurecon on major projects including Sydney Light Rail, Westconnex, Melbourne Metro Trains and Sydney Metro Central Station.

What makes an effective strategy? In essence it answers two key questions:

  1. What is the compelling Vision or Outcome to be achieved? and
  2. Does the business possess the necessary management capability to achieve the Vision?

The strategy defines what needs to be done to achieve the outcome, and most importantly the order in which things need to be done.

What this looks like in practice is smart, innovative and effective business strategies to manage precious management time and improve Return on Investment.

Implementation Coaching

“Business, like many of life’s challenges, is all about luck. Successful business people implement the right business model, work hard and smart and are well prepared for when they get lucky”.

Most small to mid-sized businesses competing for project work are forced into an environment where they are small fish in a very large pond. While potentially a hostile environment and one where most business owners feel a lack of power in the supplier relationship, lucky breaks are constantly bubbling away.

As a business advisor specialising in Engineering & Construction and having worked on both sides of the fence, Peter has a unique perspective that genuinely provides owners of Small and Medium sized enterprises with practical insights to access specific industry opportunities, invest appropriately create value and build a business that is sustainable into the future.

Who We Help.

Executive Driver. Tasked with a challenge: “grow the business”, “win this job” or “solve this problem”, you understand what some of the key ingredients are for creating change within an organisation.

Corporate Accomplished. You have climbed the corporate ladder and may be unsure about how access and leverage the best available expertise outside of your core skillset

Entrepreneurial Researcher. You are researching and evaluating options, solutions, and opportunities for your business. Free-thinking, you are looking for innovative opportunities that can benefit you and your organisation.


Years Established

Completed Projects

Reference Projects

Our experience spans Transport, Engineering & Construction and Asset Management

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What Our Clients Say

CPS has partnered with / employed the services of SamWilko Advisory for over three years as corporate mentor and educator. Peter Wilkinson has provided effective training and advisory services to CPS in managing change and business expansion in time of strong government and private sector activity.

David Hughes,Managing Director CPS

What Our Clients Say

“It was a pleasure to work with Peter over this brief period and we are currently in discussion with Peter for further work”

Matt Baynie, Deputy Managing Director, Transdev Sydney

What Our Clients Say

“Peter was very diligent and knowledgeable within the framework of the task. The requirement was to assist a business with a marketing opportunity requiring a detailed understanding of the requirement that included technical subject matter, performance and relationship expertise”

David Millward, Managing Director, One World Consulting

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