Industry Statistics

Congested Roadways

“Congested roads cost Australia $15 billion annually through time wasted in traffic, delays and disruption to businesses, associated health problems and accidents” – source: Australasian Rail Association

Australian Rail Manufacturing Sector

“The Australian Rail Manufacturing sector comprises 330 firms employing 15,000 with annual revenue of $44Bn.” – source: ACIL Tasman Railway Manufacturing Industry in Australia 2011.

Australia’s Infrastructure Backlog

“Following years of underinvestment, Australia’s infrastructure backlog is reportedly between $300 billion and $800 billion. Australian governments cannot rely on general Government funds for this investment. Innovative approaches must be implemented if Australia is to meet the infrastructure needs for future generations.” – source: Australasian Railway Association

Boom or Busted in Australia?

“Engineering consultancies have a “boom or bust” model and should invest in innovative services such as strategic business advice aimed at adapting business models to rapidly changing environments and circumstances so as to dampen the external shocks that inevitably occur.” SamWilko Advisory Blog, referencing Mark Brownley article “Consulting Engineering Needs New Business Model” (published in the March 2014 edition of Engineers Australia)


“Australia’s construction costs rose rapidly and notably compared to other costs in the past decade. The persistence of higher costs – particularly wages – in the face of waning demand, will act as a barrier to infrastructure and resources projects in the pipeline going ahead.” – source: Deloitte Access Economics for the Australian Constructors Association, March 2014